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Project Management Committee

Celeborn has received numerous help from the community. This page lists the contributors and committers of Apache Celeborn™.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

A committer will be promoted to a PMC member when the community thinks he/she is able to be in charge at least a major component of this project.

Current Celeborn PMC members are as follows:

Name GitHub ID Apache ID
Cheng Pan pan3793
Ethan Feng FMX
Fu Chen cfmcgrady
Jiashu Xiong RexXiong
Kerwin Zhang kerwin-zk
Keyong Zhou waitinfuture
Yi Zhu AngersZhuuuu
Wei Wu powerwu


Mentors from Apache Incubator help the project to turn into a good shape following the "Apache" way. Thank you, mentors!

Name GitHub ID Apache ID
Becket Qin becketqin
Duo Zhang Apache9
Lidong Dai davidzollo
Willem Ning Jiang WillemJiang
Yu Li carp84


A contributor who contributes enough code to Celeborn will be promoted to a committer. A committer has the write access to Celeborn git repository.

Current Celeborn Committers are as follows:

Name GitHub ID Apache ID
Binjie Yang zwangsheng
Chandni Singh otterc
Mridul Muralidharan mridulm
Shaoyun Chen cxzl25
Xiaofeng Jiang SteNicholas
Yifan Xia nafiyAix
Yihe Li onebox-li
Zhongqiang Chen zhongqiangczq